3ABN Station ID 2011

Beams of light representing the Message going around the world.

With the new corporate identity that rolled out for 3ABN at the beginning of 2011, they needed a new graphics package to show people how the ministry is keeping up with their pledge to take the gospel around the world.

My job was to help people to see what the new logo means. As with any new corporate identity or change of logo, there is a need to visually explain what the new logo means and how it fits with the previous one.

So I animated the new logo with what the viewers of the network have been accustomed to seeing so that they could make a visual connection to new identity the network had chosen.  The admin of 3ABN were very happy to see the new ID because it showed how the new logo works and at the same time showing how they are a world wide ministry.

I also worked on the new Up Next promos, along with a new prayer request promo, and announcement promo.  In all of these new promos I created elements that will help to brand the network and help people set this ministry apart from others that they have seen.