Trip Out West

Road Trip

Last Fall a buddy and I went on a epic road trip around the country.  He wrote daily blog posts and I ended up making a book out of it.  It is called “Into the Sun”  It was a day by day account of the trip and some of the fun times we had. The book turned ok, the printing wasn’t what I really expected.  I wanted the colors to be more vibrant but when it got it me everything was a little muted.

It gets better

My Dad ended up seeing the book and wanted his own copy so I ordered one and sent it his way.  His book was most likely published somewhere in Nashville and when I took a look at it the colors were so much closer to how I originally wanted this book to look.  I guess I learned my lesson, next time I make a book I will have it sent to him so that it is printed in Nashville.

The original blog is found at Nuclear Underwear.

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