Aliens: Colonial Marines

This first person shooter was one of the first projects I was put on when I got to Big Rooster.  While on this project I got to model all manner of environments from infested parts of the ship to the sickbay of the Sulaco. I was responsible to modeling both hard and organic surfaces by creating high poly meshes to then generate Normal, AO and UV maps for the low poly models.

Sulaco Sick Bay

Starting in the Sulaco sick bay I was tasked with modeling the walls which were duplicated around the room, the ceiling rafters and the center ceiling insert.  Also inside the sick bay I modeled the platform which housed the sick beds.

Infested Areas

In other parts of the ship the team I was working with was tasked with modeling what the ship would look like if it were taken over by the aliens.  I modeled modular environments that could easily be turned around moved to other areas of the ship.  Also modeled pieces that were used over and over in creative and unique ways.


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