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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Wings of War

Image for Wings of War

Environment art by Matthew Briet. UI Design by Jeff Dewitt.

Wings of War is a Fantasy Flight game in which you are one of the great flying aces like Eddy Rickenbacker or Manfred Von Richthofen, better know as the Red Baron. Read More…


Image for Vehicles

These vehicles were made while I was at Big Rooster.  At the time they were supposed to reflect where the car industry would be in 5 years.  Read More…

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Image for Aliens: Colonial Marines

This first person shooter was one of the first projects I was put on when I got to Big Rooster.  While on this project I got to model all manner of environments from infested parts of the ship to the sickbay of the Sulaco. Read More…

Motion Graphics Salary Census

How many of you remember about a year ago when Motionographer asked people to give information about their salaries so that they could get a good idea of what people were making so that in the end the artist would have a better idea of what they were worth?  Well the results are out.  Go take a look for yourself. Don’t forget to add you information to the new census on the home page for 2011.

Trip Out West

Image for Trip Out West

Road Trip

Last Fall a buddy and I went on a epic road trip around the country.  He wrote daily blog posts and I ended up making a book out of it.  It is called “Into the Sun”  It was a day by day account of the trip and some of the fun times we had. Continue Reading!

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