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    Welcome to the Portfolio of Kyle Warren

    This is the portfolio of Kyle Warren.  Kyle is a 3D/Motion Graphics artist currently living in Murfreesboro TN.

    What others are saying.

    • Tim Gerritsen, CEOKyle is dedicated and talented and I would recommend him to any company looking to add to their skill base. Kyle pays attention to detail, makes sure the job is done to a high standard when he says it will be, and is a calm hand in stressful times.

    • Thomas Bonner, Technical DesignerKyle is easily a very talented artist with an excellent understanding of 3d applications,and is one of the friendliest individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

    • Tim Bowman, Senior ArtistKyle is a talented and dedicated artist, who is also a pleasure to work with. During the long hours of crunch, its great to work with a guy who always has a positive attitude and helps get you through it. Any team would be lucky to have Kyle, not only for what he can bring to the project, but for what he can do for the team.

    • Matthew WestfallKyle will get into a car and drive halfway around the county with you, at the drop of a hat.

    Who else?

    Who is This Guy?

    Currently living in Murfreesboro,TN and working as the lead 3D artist for an international television network, Kyle has a wealth of experience in 3D modeling, motion graphics, and compositing. He is currently looking for new challenges in the video game or motion picture industry.

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